5 Best Orbeez Guns to Buy – Perfect Choice for Your Kids 2023

Kids love to play outdoor and indoor games with friends but during the gameplay, they harm each other with toys. Sometimes these fights become can cause a major distraction between them and also in families. So resolving these types of issues with Gel Blaster toys is also known as “Orbeez Gun”.  So you never worried about after that your children might get hurt. 

Because the shooting material of this gun is a color full of beads that are absorbed in water before using it. These guns becomes more popular in form last few years. It gives a safe and exciting way for all ages of people because you can play these games without causing harm to your competitor. 

As you can see many models and manufactures companies of guns are available in the online or standard market. And it becomes difficult to choose which one is best for you or your kids. So no need to worry about that, this article contains the best models with their capacity, size, power, and other facts, as well as all aspects of Orbeez toy guns you will explore here. 

So any further ado, let’s come to the Topic. 

Roundup of the Best Orbeez Gun 2023 

Orbeez Gun Model  Fire modes  Current Price 
Gel Blaster Space Gun Automatic  $39.99 -$49.99
Orbeez Desert Eagle Manual  $60.00
Glock 17 Orbeez Gun Pistol Manual, Automatic  $59.99
MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun Manual, Automatic $59.99
Orbeez P90 Assault Rifle Automatic  $75.00

What is the Orbeez gun?

Orbeez Gun is a toy that is designed as a real gun, but it is not an army weapon. From this gun, you can shoot your play buddy with small, colorful, beads which I absorbing water and raised in double size. Moreover, same like other shooting toys gun never harms the head’s eyes. 

However, these guns work with a Motor system which is installed in them, to shoot water-absorbing beads. Therefore, you can use this gun for practicing enemy targeting.  

How to Use It:

A small chamber designed On the top of the gun is filled with water-absorbing gel beads. When the player presses the trigger, in the chamber waster pops up the beads with pressured beads become out from the gun nozzle. 

Moreover, beads absorb the water in large quantities, so when beads exit from the nozzle and hit the target, water is released from it in small drops. 

The Top 5 Orbeez Guns – Top Player’s Choice

Gel Blaster Space Gun  ($39.99 -$49.99)

Make playtime full of impressions and trill with Orbeez Gel Blaster Space Gun. It is an automatic gun with great color choices. Automatic lights are installed in it when you press the trigger lights automatically blink. 

Available colors:  Gractic white, Aqua blue, Green, Orange, and Blue. 

Features of Gel Blaster Space Gun:

  • Works Automatically
  • Light in weight
  • Attachments can removable
  • When setting the fire on the target Lights up. 

Specification of Gel Blaster Space Gun:

Price $39.99 -$49.99
Fire Range  65 Ft long 
FPS  160 
Size  Small
Rate of Fire  8RPS 
Mode  Automatic

Orbeez Desert Eagle ($60.00)

It is a great Orbeez Gun for the long-distance target. It is a great choice for all-age players.  With a lightweight handle, easy to target, and fire from a long distance. 

Available colors: Back and Gold.

Features of Orbeez Desert Eagle Gun:

  • Light in weight
  • Attachments can remove

Specification of Gel Blaster Space Gun:

Price $60.00
Fire Range  85 Ft long 
FPS  150 
Size  Small
Rate of Fire  9RPS 
Mode  Manual 

Glock 17 Orbeez Gun Pistol ($59.99)

The Glock 17 Orbeez Gun Pistol is a great option for players, it works in both modes, automatic and manual. If you are looking for a durable and lightweight gun, then it’s perfect for you. You will also enjoy the magazine in the drum shape, which gives an easy hand to use for a long fight. 

Features of Glock 17 Orbeez Gun Pistol:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to handle during the fight
  • Give unlimited changeability
  • Fast Fire access
  • Drum size magazine

Specification of Glock 17 Orbeez Gun Pistol:

Price $59.99
Fire Range  70 Ft long 
FPS  164 
Size  Small
Rate of Fire  8RPS 
Mode  Automatic, Manual

MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun ($59.99)

MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun is perfect for that player who needs a battle in closer-quarter. You can win the battle by using both automatic and, manual modes. It is easy to handle and stop. If you want to do firer for a longer period, MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun gives you a drum-size magazine which I great for using. 

Available colors:  Black, graffiti, green graffiti, and purple graffiti.

Features of MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun:

  • Excellent for short-distance battle
  • Give access to two modes of fires
  • Drum size magazine
  • Attachments can removable

Specification of MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun:

Price $59.99
Fire Range  80 Ft long 
FPS  177 
Size  Medium
Rate of Fire  9RPS 
Mode  Manual and Automatic 

Orbeez P90 Assault Rifle ($ 75.00)

You need to keep an eye on many factors when you buy the perfect Orbeez Gun for yourself. This Gun Covers all the basis during the battle you should choose it if all the above guns are not appropriate to your interest. 

Orbeez P90 has a strong cover case with a powerful fire range. Moreover, it is a blaster weapon that is easy to handle in every battle as well as it gives you easy access to quick unloading.

Available colors:  Black, graffiti, graffiti 2. 

Features of Orbeez P90 Assault Rifle:

  • Easy to assemble and use in battles
  • Appropriate for all ages of players 
  • Excellent choice for team battle  or alone
  • Great detailing in the design

Specification of Orbeez P90 Assault Rifle:

Price $75.00
Fire Range  80 Ft long 
FPS  175 
Size  Medium
Rate of Fire  8RPS 
Mode  Automatic 

Where Can You Buy Orbeez Toy Guns?

Finding Orbeez best Guns nowadays is not difficult, you can buy them from the market or through their official website. They offer a vast range of Guns with different specifications and price ranges. You can order guns that are suited to your choice.  

Tips to Use Orbeez Gun Safely

The use of Orbeez is safe for children and adults if used properly. According to manufacturing companies, they ask in their guidelines, kids use these guns under the supervision of adults. Because it is a little bit harmful to the head especially for the eyes, if someone shoots it from a very close distance. 

So here are some most important safety uses of toy Gun:

  • As I mentioned above, when beads pop up from the nozzle they contain some water with it, so make sure to play with these guns in the backyard or other outdoor space. Otherwise, slipping and hazards chances will occur at indoor shooting. 
  • Avoid shooting beads on the furniture and surface it is not easy to clean because of their sticky texture. 
  • Make sure to wear the mask before playing with Guns. Because beads can harm the face area when it pops up from the gun with high power density. It can also be harmful to pets and other breakable materials. 
  • It is important to read the guidelines descriptions that are attached to the toy when you unbox it. So follow the instructions of manufacturers to enjoy a great time with  toy guns. 
  • Do not try to eat Orbeez Beads it is not toxic. It can harm your digestive system and also disturb your health like, Bowel Block. 
  • Try to cover your body properly and wear jeans and jersey stuff while playing the Toy Games. 

In sum, these care tip is beneficial for parents because they can correctly guide their children when they play with Guns. 

Frequently Asked Questions about (FAQs) Orbeez Gun:

Is it legal to have an Orbeez gun?

Probably, it is not an army weapon, it is just a toy gun. Nut id you harm with it someone, then it could be a crime. An injured person can complain against you in police stations.

Are Orbeez guns legal in the USA?

Undoubtedly, Orbeez toy Gun With water-absorbing beads is surely legal in the United States. Because it is not harmful to people. 

How much does an Orbeez gun cost?

In the package of the Orbeez toy  gun, you will get a pack of beads that work as ammo and a pair of safety glasses for protecting your eyes for just $59 to 60 dollars. 

How strong is an Orbeez gun?

It all depends on the gun, which you are choosing in how many the price range. However, generally, Orbeez Guns is made with a great cover. Which is easy to assemble and the parts are removable.

Bottom lines:

Orbeez gun is a great way to engage in safe and exciting battles with your companions. Many models of Orbeez toy Guns are available in the market, so in this competitive market choosing the best Toy Gun is challenging.  So with the help of this article, you can choose the Right Orbeez toy gun by comparing the features and specifications, and which is according to your financial plan. 

Additionally, using a gun during the battle according to the manufacturing guidelines is more important than the selection of guns. So make sure, to keep following the above secure tips while playing the game with Orbeez toy  Guns. 

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