Bathroom faucet leaking at Base: Causes and Solutions

Many homes are faced with the issue of leaking faucets. If a tap leak is not fixed, it can result in water waste, higher utility costs, and even expensive repairs. A bathroom faucet leaking at base is one of the most common form of tap leaks. In this article, we’ll look at the causes and fixes for a bathroom tap that leaks at the base.

Bathroom faucet leaking at base

Leakage is not a fun type of work. It causes many kinds of damage to your home or other any place. It is necessary for you to deal with this leakage as soon as possible, like in quickly. You should diagnose leaking in a good way. That is from where part of the sink or others are leaking. This means when you find the correct leaking place then it is the correct way to find the right leaking area.

Bathroom faucet leaking at base

When you find some parts of leaking then you should shut off the supply of water. If you want to try to fix the faucet in the correct way, then you should lose the bucket valve and see the o shape ring. See its damaging parts and change it with a new o shape ring. Hope so in this way your leakage may be stopped.

What are Causes of leakage?

There are many reasons for the bathroom faucet leaking at base. Some reasons are such as:

  • Brocken washers

This is the main reason for the leakage. If the washers are brake then the leaking process is a starting point. Also if the washer is not its main point then also possible for leakage. Washers rub up against the valve seat, where they can get worn down as a result of friction. This leads to leaks. If the size of the washer is not correct then it also causes leakage.

  • Damaged O-Ring

The sink’s tap has an O-ring in it. To keep the tap handle in position, a tiny disc is connected to the stem screw. O-rings are at risk of decay or slow, just like washers. The o ring is made of rubber, when this rubber dries and it cracks after some time.

What are Causes of leakage?


A damaged Cartridges

If your faucet has two handles. This two-handled faucet is more advanced. When the cartridges end on your home faucet then it causes leakage of water. This faucet contains two handles one for hot water and the other one for cold water. Each handle has a valve called a cartridge that controls the flow of water into the tap nozzle. Water flowing from your tap indicates that the cartridge is damaged. So you should not use the cartridge. This is also the main reason for the bathroom faucet leaking at base.

Pressure of water

This is also the main cause of the leakage of water. If you observe your faucet only some specific time water is drip then it also becomes the reason for leakage. Also, water drips when you move the handle of your faucet in some more directions. It also becomes the cause of water leakage. So you should keep maintaining the pressure of your home water supply.

Worn-out valve seat

The valve seat may be the source of a leak coming from your faucet’s tip. The tap and nozzle are joined by the valve seat. A leak could develop if dust gathers and harms the seat. A worn-out valve seat becomes the reason for your bathroom faucet leaking at base.

Where your faucet may leak

Here are some main points where the chances of leakage are more. So you should keep good these faucet points such as:

  • Water Leaks near the Faucet’s Base
  • It may be a leak under the sink part
  • Spout is also the main point where the leakage is mostly.

Solutions for leaking a faucet

There are many solutions for leaking a faucet. Which you can follow and take care of your home faucet. Some most important solutions are such as:

  • Replace the cartridge
  • May replace the o rings
  • You should replace the faucet
  • Hire a plumber

1. Replace the cartridge

In some situations, the cartridge creates some problems in the leaking of water. It controls the pressure of water. When it damages then water starts to leak. Then you should replace this kind of damaged cartridge. If you have two-handled faucets one for hot water and the other for cold water. Then it may need to change both sides cartridge. If one side then needs to change only one side cartridge. To change the cartridge you need things like:

  • Replacement units
  • Plumber’s grease
  • Allen wrench
  • Towel
  • Pipe twist or tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers

There are some steps that should follow when you fix the cartridge such as:

  1. In the first point, you should shut off the supply of water, and drip all water from the lines. Then cover the pipe with a towel.
  2. Pull out the handle in a straight upper way and remove it from the sink.
  3. You must find a nut on the upper side of the cartridge. With the use of some instruments, you should remove this nut and keep it in a protective place.
  4. Then use the plier and remove the old cartridge keeping the direction of old cartridge. Then fix the new one in the same direction.
  5. Use some amount of grease and put it on the cartridge with the use of your finger.
  6. Then re-fix the nut that you pull in a very protective way.
  7. Turn on the water after finishing and check the results.
  8. In this way, you resolve the problem of the bathroom faucet leaking at base

2. Replace the o rings

If you judge that the problem is in the faucet. Then you must replace the o ring because this is the main part of the supply of water in the faucet. When o ring is cracked it causes some authentic problems of leaking water. The o ring is made of rubber, after some time of usage this rubber may be cracked. Then you must change this rubber. And solve the problem of the bathroom faucet leaking at base. On changing the o ring you may need some things that are:

  • Extra O-rings
  • Towel
  • Screwdriver set
  • Modifiable pliers or a wrench

There are some steps that should follow when you fix the o ring such as:

  1. First, cover the sink so that you may not be lost some instruments.
  2. If needed, take off the tap handle cap with a small key or your fingernail
  3. Apply a Philips screwdriver to the screw to remove it from the handle. When a hex screw is present, an Allen key may be required to remove it.
  4. Remove and set aside the handle.
  5. With pliers or a wrench, after removing the screw, detach the valve from the faucet body. Simply wrap the pliers or wrench around the valve’s base and turn the handle anticlockwise.
  6. Lift the valve away from the base to remove it.
  7. Check the valve for O-rings while it is removed from the tap. Check them for damage, then take out the old ones and replace them as necessary.
  8. The final step is to inspect your work. Restart the water and then look for any leaks. If the leaks continue, turn the water back off and continue with the next step.

3. Replace the faucet

Also, you can change the faucet and stop the leaking process. In some situations, if the leaking is not stop even after all the steps then you must change the faucet. I know changing the faucet is more costly than repairing it. But when your faucets are continuously leaking then the cost of repairing goes to increase. At that time you should change the faucet. You can commonly bathroom faucets under the price of 100 dollars. In this way, you may not spend too much money on buying the new faucet.


4. Hire a plumber

This is the last solution to leaking a faucet. If your faucet still keeps leaking after applying all the main repairs. But you do not reach the main leaking point. Then you should hire a plumber that diagnoses the cause of the leaking. They will be able to detect the things you’re ignoring and offer ideas for the best course of action. A plumber resolves the problem of the bathroom faucet leaking at base. The typical hourly rate for a plumber is between $45 and $150, though depending on the level of detail of the repair, this can vary.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do you fix a leaky bathroom faucet at base?

  • Remove and clean the aerator from any single-handle faucets you may have.
  • Remove and clean the aerator from a two-handle center set faucet.
  • If your tap has two handles and is widespread, you must swap out the O-rings.

Q. Why is my bathroom faucet leaking at base when off?

If you feel some kind of leaking in your bathroom. Then there is some problem with it. After calling some plumbers you should try to clear the problem. If not overcome then call the plumber.

Q. Why does my bathroom faucet leak at the base?

Leaks mainly come from the damaged o rings. The most popular fluid power seals for stop leaks, according to Fluid Power World, are O-rings. Even when the sink is turned off, there are continuous leaks.

Final verdict

Bathroom faucet leaking at base is the main problem in homes. You should solve this type of leakage as soon as possible. Sometimes it causes some serious kind of damage. But overall it is not a too big issue, you can solve it easily yourself by using some techniques like replacing the o rings, replacing the faucet, and replacing the cartridge. If not still overcome the problem then hire a plumber. I hope this blog post will be beneficial for you.


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