How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee & How-To Train Them

Taking care of your dog is the same as you take care of a baby. Probably it’s become more difficult when you do an irregular job and works many hours outside the home, and you need to leave your dog at home alone. It’s obvious to think how long dogs can hold their pee.

So this guide contains solutions to your all worries. Scroll down and get all the safest factors that will help to make your life easier.

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee?

Probably dogs can hold their pee in their bladder for a long time but depends on several factors. That is why it is essential to know how long dogs can hold their pee. So the answer is in short baby pets can’t hold their pee, rather than younger puppies can hold their pee for up to 6 hours long.

Experts say that dogs frequently use the bathroom in a single day, therefore three to five times in a single day. It’s just a rough estimate. However, every dog has its unique pee routine according to these below factors:


There are three major stages of a dog’s age:

Age How long can dogs hold their pee
First-born between 1-6 months They never hold! Every 30- 45 minutes
Under 6 months up to 2-6 hours
Mature from 1 to 6 years 7-12 hours
Between 7-11 years dogs 4-6 hours
Elder 12 years Up to 2-4 hours


After age limits the size also matters how long dogs can hold their pee. Because if your dog is a big size his bladder can contain pee long last. However, Firstborn or small puppies have small bladder sizes. It means it’s difficult to train small puppies rather than adults.

Size of Bladder How long can dogs hold their pee
10lbs 1 to 3 hours
11lbs 2 to 4 hours
Between 40lbs-60lbs 4 to 8 hours
Up to 60lbs 6 to 12 hours

Although, a dog’s bladder produces urine according to its bladder size. A normal bladder holds up to 20 ml of pee in a day. However, small puppy’s bladders cannot hold 20ml pee so they frequently use the bathroom in a day.

Health Issues

How long can dogs hold their pee also depends on health issues and their medical report. If your dog has any issues in the below list, it can suffer from frequent pee.

    • Heavyweight
    • Kidney issue
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Liver issue
    • Polyuria
    • Tumor
    • Hormonal disturbance
    • Electrolyte disturbance
    • Addison
    • Psychological issues

Food & Diet

Pay attention to your dog’s food or diet plan, and its relays impact on the bladder. Moisture food can make your dog pee frequently. In moisture, food includes fruits, vegetables, wet food, and other stocks. Although, if your dog has a stable diet plant and dry food also include in it, which helps to pee less.

Moreover, after eating food try to take your dog out, it will help to adjust food and their body fetch all proteins correctly.


The environment also plays a key role in the health of pets and human beings. I’ll divide the environment into two parts that will help you better understand.

Stressful & happy

Sometimes when dogs face stressful situations they do not go for pee or potty because they feel not good. On the other hand, some dogs when fear of the environment frequently go for a pee. So make sure to provide a friendly environment for your pets it will be good for their health.

Hot & cold

Besides, cold and hot weather also disturbs the pee routine. In hot weather, dogs can easily get dehydrated. Due to the lack of water in this situation, they do not go for a pee.

On the other hand, in a cold weather dogs go for pee more often as compared to routine. In this situation take a dog crate and provide a warm blanket. This will help to reduce the cold atmosphere.

Water & Play

How long can dogs hold their pee during indoor and outdoor activities? Often playing games and running stimulate your dog’s bladder because they drink a lot of water after outdoor activities to keep hydrated. So notice your dog playing activities and take them after 10 to 15 minutes when they eat and play.

How to Pee Train Your Dog

The most important thing is, to train your pets to go to the bathroom without your help. Training requires a lot of patience and hard work. Afterward, the reward is great.

Otherwise, without training you need to keep an eye on your dog. You don’t even do the major task with full concentration like cooking, watching TV, taking a bath, and many others. So here we listed 7 training steps to train your dog easily:

Keep an eye on your dog

As I ask above your dog is not trained to pee in a bathroom. You’ll always to need stay attentive. It means all about a distractive life. However, the first step to training your dog you need to notice the routine, their food, water, playing activities, and all the task which is they perform each day. Do this for 2-3 days.

Notice the sign

Sometimes dogs show the sign before peeing. So you must notify your dog pee sign. It will help you when you are at home or go outside with your dog. They show these common signs which are listed below:

      • Pawing at the bathroom or any other door
      • Droning
      • Try to get your attention
      • Hide or disappear
      • Look and stare at you
      • Restlessness
      • Walk in circles
      • Running to previous pee location
      • Run into houses or people
      • Smelling floor or ground

Notice the pee routine

Every dog has a different nature. So they can show sign differently. And it’s hard to find the sign. But all dogs and pets have one common thing when they need to pee or potty they go to the previous place.

Training with command in a day

      • First of all outside in the morning with them.
      • Hold your dog with a belt
      • When you notice they give you a sign to go to the bathroom “Say some specific words “like shhhh, pee. It helps to recognize them rapidly.
      • Repeat it.

Area Limitation

If you are tired to train your dog and you don’t find any signs. You just need to isolate them in a specific location. Like, don’t allow to enter in the house. Assigning specific areas is the last thing that all pet parents do in the end.

Reward your dog

Give reward them when they first time shows you any sign and go without your help for a pee.

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee

Frequently ask questions:

Q.Can dogs hold pee for 12 hours overnight?

Young dogs can contain their urination for up to 10–12 hours, but this does not imply that they should. The typical adult dog has to be given at least 3-5 chances each day to go potty. At least once every eight hours, then.

Q.How long can dogs hold their pee overnight?

Between 8 to 10 hours

When they are asleep, dogs can go for 8 to 10 hours without urinating. However, every dog needs to be let out after eating or drinking, waking up, and playing. Health: Age, sex, body size, and general health all affect how frequently dogs urinate.

Q.Is it OK for dogs to hold their pee?

Forcing your dog to contain his poop for an extended time could be harmful to his health. Although he might be physically capable of doing so, prolonged holding it in can result in urinary tract infections or urinary crystals and stones. Additionally, behavioral problems can result from an inability to urinate.

Q.How long can dogs comfortably hold their pee?

Probably dogs can hold their pee in their bladder for a long time but depends on several factors. Although, that is why it is essential to know how long dogs can hold their pee. So the answer is in short baby pets can’t hold their pee, rather than younger puppies can hold their pee for up to 6 hours long.

Final verdict: How long can Dogs Hold their pee

Between 8 to 10 hours, a healthy dog can hold their pee. But it also depends on several factors. Which is discuses above in brief. However, don’t force your dog to contain pee for a long time.

It is essential to train your dog for your pet’s health as well as your routine ease. I know House pee Training is more difficult, but it’s rewarding for my entire life. For more dogs health related info stay tuned with


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