Yandex Games|How to Make Money 2023|Ultimate Guide

In the kingdom of online gaming, Yandex Games is one of the most popular gaming platforms. It offers its players a vast range of engaging and thrilling gameplay. Whether you are a player or developer, Yandex always has something exciting for you.

So in this article, you will find the complete guide to the Yandex gaming world, its feature, different categories, how to make money from this platform, and more.

What is Yandex Games?

A leading technology-based company (Found in 1997) in Russia developed this gaming platform. You can find browsers and downloadable games on this platform. They provide a diverse range of more than 1000+ games with different categories including, Arcade games, Bubble Shooter games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Casino Games, educational games, horror games, board games, card games and, more.

Moreover, they provide a great platform for their users, developers can also enable monetization and can edit games to make money on Yandex games.

What features do Yandex games offer?

Vast gaming categories:

It frequently provides a substantial selection of games in various categories, including Arcade games, Bubble Shooter games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Casino Games, educational games, horror games, board games, card games, and more.

User-friendly interfaces

Yandex Games ensure that they provide their users with a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Moreover, you can easily understand the interface and play games without any interaction.

Additionally, Yandex offers their users can personalize games for playing. But before editing games, you need to purchase them first. Afterward, you can publish it with the approval of their team. However, there is always something related to your interest.

Free of cost

You can play games on Yandex free of cost. But if you want to do some changing before playing the game you need to purchase the game.

Tested Games

Yandex regularly updates its gaming library, and they ensure that its users enjoy the gaming experience without any restrictions. Moreover, when a developer sends a game to their team for testing, they take 5-6 days. After that, they send an email to the developer with the approval or rejected remarks.

How to access Yandex games?

It is easy to access Yandex from your web browser. You don’t need to download or register to play games. Moreover, this gaming platform supports many other OS including,

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Linux based systems

They allow to users play their favorite games through any browser or device.

TOP 05 Most Popular Yandex Games

Alchemy: The Merging of Elements (Ratings 4.6****)

The goal of Alchemy is to mix the ingredients to find new elements. Alchemy has 6 rounds, each round is based on multiple tasks. Players have a total of 8 ingredients. With the help of mixing these ingredients, players complete the tasks.

How to play

  1. The main goal of this game is to find a new element by mixing basic elements.
  2. First of all, select the task from the bottom list. For example, we have chosen a tree.
  3. For making a tree we need to marge 2 plants.
  4. So first we make a plant, click on the water element and mud element, and then click on the equal chemical jar.
  5. We have successfully gotten the plant element.
  6. Now click on the plant element 2 times.
  7. After clicking on the equal jar, we got the tree element successfully.

Note: every element is made by mixing different elements.

How to play

Bubble Shooter: Summer Story (Ratings 4.4****)

Play the classic and incredible puzzle game with 35000 amazing levels free on Yandex. You just need to match 3 colors to clear the levels. Boost your brain connectivity by solving the bubble shooter puzzle. It is the most exciting game to play in your free time.

How to play

  1. Press long on the ball which is in front of you.
  2. Set the target on the matching balls
  3. And leave the ball.
  4. Repeat step 2 for matching ball colors.

yandex games

Like a King (Ratings 4.2****)

Like a king’s goal is a tower defense and building a deck in the game. You play the role of the king in the game and fight with other kings with the help of units and cards. Every card has a unique unit that you can use on the battlefield.

Some kings in the game fight with enemies and some of them attack the gold mines and other kings’ units. The major goal for winning the game is you stand with building a strong deck until the battle ends.

How to play

  1. Tap on the empty tile to spawn a unit.
  2. Draw a line between the unit and the enemy unit where you want to attack.
  3. Repeat your tactics until you destroy the units of your target enemy until your unit remains safe.

Agent Stickman (Ratings 4.3****)

The aim of this top-down shooter game, you deal with enemies on various levels by using different techniques and tactics.

You have to open all the agent’s units using unique styles. To complete various levels weapons are used to beat the target.

At every level of the game, you must win the reward and destroy the targets to buy new agents and weapons for the next level.

How to play

  1. When you need to shoot your enemy you need to stand in front of the target.
  2. When you need to reload weapons, press and hold the icon of weapons.
  3. To replace the weapons, again click on the display icon.

Yandex Games

Capybara Clicker (Ratings 4.6****)

It is the most interesting game, you need to make capybaras by clicking as fast as you can. You can buy outfits for Capybara by completing levels and collecting points.

How to play

  1. Use the touchpad or mouse button to click on the capybara with the fastest clicks.
  2. To generate the highest score and get the reward.

Yandex Games

How you can make money from Yandex Games?

You can make earn money from the Yandex gaming platform in simple 3 steps. If you are a passionate gaming developer, then these 3 steps in easy for you:

Project Creation

The first step is to create a gaming project you need to choose the developing language. In which your expertise such as Python, Java, C##. Then choose the idea as simple as you can like clicker, casual, or puzzle games. You can also choose Minecraft graphics.

After finalizing the idea next step is to draw a rough sketch of the game on a paper. Instead, you can use a graphics tablet to make sketches with online tools.

After that, make all UI animation and blocks element of the games. You can also take help from Yandex video catalogs for your projects.

Publication Process

After completing the creation process, you need to make a trailer or take some screenshots of the game. Moreover, completely test the project until you will get the satisfied results. And fix the error and bugs completely.

Send the project to the official email of Yandex games. Their team checks the game quality and contacts you within 5-6 weeks until they find the result.


If you are reached in the monetization steps, congratulations on your great success. You will get the game feedback in just 2-3 weeks, the ratings, reviews, and starts average will show on your monetization page.

After that, you’re earnings according to the rating or reviews will be shown on the monetization page. It is approximately around $33.16 per day.

Is it safe to play games on Yandex games?

Yandex platform ensures that their user’s data remain secure and safe as much as possible. They used robust protectors to protect users and their employee’s data. Additionally, Yandex offers multiple tools to set screen timing which can help their users to get a healthy gaming experience.

Yandex Games Alternatives

There is no doubt Yandex I a great gaming platform. I have personally used this platform in my spare time. This site gives a great gaming experience with wonderful graphics.

However, sometimes many locations blocked gaming websites such as schools, offices, and other public areas. So if you do not have access to this site you can use VPNs. More additionally, you can try these alternatives to spend your spare time without getting bored.

  • Toby Games
  • Unblocked Games
  • Unblocked Games world
  • 66 Unblocked Games

Frequently Asked Questions about (FAQs) Yandex Games:

What is the best Yandex game?

The top-rated and most popular Yandex games on the site are Alchemy, Pocket Zone, Bubble Shooter, Zumbly, and Dune! Agent Stickman, capybara clicker, and spider adventures.

Why aren’t Yandex games working?

Delete the cookies and cache. If none of this was successful, see if the game functions properly on a different computer or device, and then get in touch with us using the form. Enter your username and the game’s name. We’ll examine the game and communicate with the developer.

Are Popular Yandex Games Playable by Children?

The popular free, widely-played online games offered on our platform have a 6+ rating, making them accessible to most kids. The game card for each game includes a description and a rating.

Are You Able To Play Well-Known Games With Your Friends?

Without a doubt, you should! The majority of our well-liked games can be enjoyed by yourself or with the company. You can play with your beloved neighbors right down the street or make new friends all over the world.


Yandex Games is a thrilling and exciting gaming platform that offers a wide range of gameplay to its players which suits every gamer’s interest.

Moreover, Yandex offers a huge collection of games title with user-friendly graphics. Every age of player can access games from Yandex and play without any hesitation.

Therefore, if you are seeking thrilling, action, puzzle or any other games Yandex gaming platform is best for you. So dive into the world of Yandex Games and make a wonderful gaming experience.

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